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What Would You Rather... (To The Extreme)


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Be recognized for saving 500 people's lives or be voted the no. 1 sexiest person in your country?
saving 500 people
Have an alarm clock that wakes you by slowly making your bed ice cold or an alarm clock that wakes you by shaking your bed violently?
ice cold
Run into a wall or fall down the stairs?
Run into a wall
Be a pirate or be a ninja?
Be the no. 1 entertainer for 4 years or be president of the U.S?
Walk on the ocean floor or jump to the moon with moonboots?
ocean floor
Be a superhero or be a super villan?
Be really creative or be really intelligent?
Be able to fly or be able to turn invisible?
Be super famous on YouTube or win 1 thousand dollars?
1 thousand
Have cookies and milk or juice and crackers?
cookies and milk
Go without watching TV for 2 weeks or without a computer for 2 weeks?
Go without TV
Have a million friends that secretly hate you or have 1 best friend?
1 best friend
Live in hot weather for the rest of your life or cold weather for the rest of your life?
cold weather
Take over the Playboy Mansion when Hugh Heffner dies or Win the Lottery?
Win the Lottery
Be a good singer or be a good dancer?
good dancer
Be a famous singer or be a famous actor/actress?
Sleep with a celebrity of your choice or not have to work for 5 years?
not have to work for 5 years
Win 5 million dollars or find true love?
find true love
Live in a house on the water or live in a castle?
ouse on the water
Be Jonny Depp's girlfriend or have Jonny Depp's salary?
Jonny Depp's salary
Be the same age forever or live to 100?
same age forever
Become famous for having a meltdown on YouTube or never become famous?
never become famous
Have lived in the 8th century or be born in the year 3000? (If the world still exists then)
year 3000
Be a mad scientist or a private invertigator?
private invertigator
Have rain for a year non-stop or have nothing but suns for a year non-stop?
Kill your own meal (meat) or become a vegetarian?
Get stuck in an elevator for 34 hours or gain 15 pounds?
34 hours
Be too hot with all your clothes off or too cold with a winter coat on?
too cold with a winter coat on
Be alergic to your favorite food or never find true love?
alergic to favorite food
Be a dinosaur or be a penguin?
Be trapped in a haunted house alone or alone on a desterted island?
desterted island
Have love but no money or have money but no love?
have money but no love
Do Elmo workout videos or be obese?
Elmo workout
Live in Paris as a bum for a year or live in Kansas and be rich?
Get hit by a car going 8 miles per hour or fall down 2 flights of steps?
Give up alcohol or give up your favorite food?
Skip Christmas for a year or skip your birthday for a year?
Own a MAC or own a PC?
Never use MySpace again or never use Facebook again?
Only eat chicken for the rest of your life or only eat beef for the rest of your life?
Date the wrong people until you meet the right one or stay single til you meet the right one?
stay single
Have muscular abs or have muscular arms?
Go to federal prison for 3 months or go through 4 years of high school all over again?
high school
Have a bird that curses or a dog that humps things?
bird that curses
Be rich and lose it all or never become rich?
never become rich


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